Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Unfolding Stories. Social Networking Moments

Am having painful stomach ache and interrupting my comfortable position of watching The live updates of Egypt uprising
The past few weeks i was closely following with news updates from the Arab world which to me as Tarahson is very touching and at some point proves to me that media is very powerful tool. Imagine what happened in Tunisia and now is Happening in Egypt has been organized using Facebook and Twitter by sending tweets to people where to gather.
I have great respect for journalists not all of them but to those reporting from volatile areas risking their lives to share information with the world. i was watching Aljazeera and one of their Reporters was Talking about how the Authorities detained him and Confiscated their equipment despite being warned further arrest if he continues his work and after few hours later he was brave enough to update us on whats going on the ground not to mention those in Somalia Vulnerable to much more than That.
Actually in This country Fbook, youtube and most of the western social networking has been blocked  but that couldn't stop me from watching the updates, there is very good site like youtube which i could say is much more friendly than youtube called youku. you can find almost anything, from latest news video clips, film trailers to Somali music Videos which i couldnt believe when i found on the site...But what might be difficult is the language because almost everything is in Chinese. Since youku does not have Live streaming of Aljazeera i turned my computer to TV and watch Live on youtube which i would not mention how am accessing for personal reasons.
I hope the Egyptian wont turn back after all those deadly protests just like the Iranians last year, and i wish them Victory.

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