Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Monday, March 07, 2011

New Semester Boooooooos

This New semester is driving me out of my world and am focused on improving Hanzi(Chinese characters)  which is the dark side of my Chinese. Most of the time I hardly hand write Chinese characters bcoz I type it and i get the character without stressing myself…computer made life more easy.
I feel a lot of pressure and am kinda relaxed rather reviewing books or studying for the next week exams. six exams …….thats too much and none of them is in EnglishThe most difficult is the Library directory which is like searching for documents from the Library web using codes to find the exact book out of more than 300,000 files. i don’t know how I will do it, neither my classmates are trying to help so I consider it as FAILED.
As part of my plans for this semester am trying hard to practice adobe premiere, its tooooooooo complicated but the moment you understand and practice a lot, you wont regret it. Its fun and I really enjoy playing with it while am pushing one step forward to my dreams. I wish I started practicing as early as last year or even before that, now almost all my work is on adobe either photoshop  or Premiere. Last week I met TV program producer who really encouraged me after viewing my work and even suggested me on doing it as Hobby rather than studies or classwork. He said, the more you enjoy doing it the better you understand. I agree with him at some point though I would enjoy more if it was in English….sometimes it happens, I don’t understand the Tutorial book or either what the teacher might be explaining but that wont stop me from studying. I like being challenged, it will only make me committed and understand better…I Hope things get better especially my feelings which am not with at the moment, am far away from family, friends and community. Sometimes things go wrong and if you dont have good friends or family to give you the courage you need it really hurts, and its painful. You wont realize how important they are until you are far apart, no one can replace them bcoz they know you more than anyone else you could ever meet or live with……and for me sometimes I feel the pain, at some point it hurts me   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunch with The Somalis....

Alxamdulilah! i just dont wanna complain anymore, and am thankful to Allah(SW) to errythg he gave me. Monday back to classes and am excited people are coming back to school feeling fresh as ever. Still i havnt done any of the Homework i Mentioned on my last post, its on my mind every midday that i wake up out of my bed but i never do it......I cant concentrate and the other thing is i havent installed my Video editing software on the new computer, i have to wait until my friend who have the crack comes back and help me install that...
Yesterday i went to meet four new Somali guys studying another University in shanghai, two of them just arrived here and wont be staying here for long probably till the end of the semester. I had so much fun with them and they were really funny especially when one of them tried to get back change from Public bus driver. in Shanghai most bus routes you can either use transport card or coins so, no one is operates except the driver who checks whether you paid or not but the Somali dude didnt had two coins instead he inserted the machine ten kuai note and was asking the Bus driver to give him back change which ofcourse they dont. I tried to intervene and explained to the Dude what he should be doing but he was very optimistic on getting Back his money....in the end we reached the destination and dropped off.
After little chat with the guys we went to the Mosque for Friday prayers manshallah it was beautiful atmosphere seeing people from all walks of life praying while others listening to the Imams speech. What i didnt realized my days in shanghai are the large Sudanese community based here, they are alot, students, business and some even Hold permanent residence....I met one of them and he told me he been living in these city for the past 20 yrs and thats actually long period of time compared to the Africans living in the city. After the prayers we went to have lunch together and bought large amount of Bread from halal market infront of the mosque.....The guys are from Mudug (indho waa ina adeeradaa) are they dont seem happy here bcoz of so many things that i myself had huge impact on my life.....when first you arrive here things feel different and for you to interact with the mainstream wont be easy unless you have friends who been here before you and that can easily help you relief some of the stress you have. I gave them advice and told them what they should be doing and what they should avoid, Most of the Chinese are friendly and welcoming and you cannot Judge everyone for what one person does so i told them to make friends with the Chinese students and only that could help them improve their language......when i was language student, I never get tired talking to the Locals and even now i always have chat whenever i have the Time and opportunity...Well i hope they can find ways to interact with the locals.
Damn and am feeling split Headache, Hergab is teasing me walahi and in China doctors dont prescribe medicine for Cold so they tell you to drink alot of water and take have Good rest.  i was sleeping half the day and will be sleeping the same tomorrow, i Hope i will feel better before Monday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Life of A lazy School boy

Am kinda getting lazier than ever, i dont feel like doing anything just sleep all day only to wake up in the evening for Food and browse the net all night long. I havent changed my Bedsheets for three weeks now, the sheets color changed from white to brown and after a week dark brown with loads of Bacteria spreading to its Strongest. My clothes everywhere in the room even on top of my Desktop computer  not to mention the shoes turned upside down beside my books, i dont think am doing enough for myself but what can u do when find yourself in life circle....The same shit everyday. am not worried about my Future Bcoz i belong to God and my destiny will ever remain in His hands so am just trying be better of myself and since my expectations is from above, i got to do what i got do.

Next week, am back again to classes that sometimes i feel idiot sitting alone in a corner while my shineys classmates eat Qashin and fart in the ten meter room....and worse, the freaking cold wind slicing your skin like mdingoes. I dont think if i will finish the Homework on time but will try my best to finish the important ones and you know what, gonna copy the ones give me mentalmopia..
On saturday was Historic day for Egyptian and for the Arab world as people Celebrated after Mubarak stepped down after being Qatil for three Decades, after 18 days of Demonstration of standoff where Hundreds were killed and more thousands wounded  Mubarak resigned....i watched the whole egypt episode and i was wondering what will happen and when will Somalia bring down Al-shabaab Gangs and Clear the Pirates from terrorizing the ocean....Inshallah as we all Hope one day we will walk freedom.
Tomorrow inshallah, am Going somewhere i have no idea what its with a teacher who speaks Arabic. He called Phone yesterday and explained to me something which i guess has something to do with Somali language but am not sure, I think its some sort of Cultural Exhibition. I hope he call me in the After Bcoz it will very Difficult for me to Wake up before midday...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The dhaanto dilema.

Busy days again, no enough time to update u guys......This week was Hell on earth in shanghai, chinese new year and fireworks from all directions none stop 24hrs.....it was deafening and explosive but amazing when u look at the sky at night.....walahi sometimes it feels like war zone. anyway its over now and people getting back to normal...
In two weeks the school will open again and will have our exams on the second week after opening so i need to study and finish loads of homework with this two weeks. two class i doubt if i will pass bcoz its very difficult to understand and it has nothing to do with my courses, am assuming now that i already failed those two courses i can atleast concentrate on others.
in less than 60 days my passport will expire and the worst can happen if i dont renew it in the coming which am Hoping i will send to the embassy so they can extend for me though dont know he they will but they confirmed me when i called them few weeks back.....am too lazy even things that will have impact on my life, damn u tarahson.
My new computer installed everything and now running, am just happy how things worked bcoz i was worried about the cables that i was missing but thanks to gyula for helping me with everything....i appreciate dude. i will install all the Video and Picture editing programs with in this week and start working on the advertisement project that is still unfinished....kate was asking me about how we edited the the documentary we filmed last semester with collins, she said its great and she wasnt expecting us to be that kinda professional but you know hardwork pays....she dont know he we struggled to finish that project, it was the most difficult short we ever filmed .......hehhehe, and even collins had lost valuable items when were filming at the Train station....imagine all the crowd...anyway am happy how the result came out.

Today i performed dhaanto dance in multi-cultural even hosted by another university, i recruited my friends and taught them the moves and how to dance with the beat.....its awesome and the crowd enjoyed....thanks to you guys who helped make it happen.....imagine we won the third price out of 10 countries and you could see calankii somaliya oo ka lulaya shacabka hortooda....i was so excited and want do more for dalka though its in mess right oo dadkii dhan dagaal iyo gaajo leynayo hadane just wanna prove to the world we still here.

Friday, February 04, 2011


God Bless my OLD HOME
Dont Smoke, Its not Healthy.
Actually This one I told it in Hainan while in the sea but i Had spend more than 2hrs to End..Change background color and and The Tattoo with shinning crystal. i like
Cards Code

One Word.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Unfolding Stories. Social Networking Moments

Am having painful stomach ache and interrupting my comfortable position of watching The live updates of Egypt uprising
The past few weeks i was closely following with news updates from the Arab world which to me as Tarahson is very touching and at some point proves to me that media is very powerful tool. Imagine what happened in Tunisia and now is Happening in Egypt has been organized using Facebook and Twitter by sending tweets to people where to gather.
I have great respect for journalists not all of them but to those reporting from volatile areas risking their lives to share information with the world. i was watching Aljazeera and one of their Reporters was Talking about how the Authorities detained him and Confiscated their equipment despite being warned further arrest if he continues his work and after few hours later he was brave enough to update us on whats going on the ground not to mention those in Somalia Vulnerable to much more than That.
Actually in This country Fbook, youtube and most of the western social networking has been blocked  but that couldn't stop me from watching the updates, there is very good site like youtube which i could say is much more friendly than youtube called youku. you can find almost anything, from latest news video clips, film trailers to Somali music Videos which i couldnt believe when i found on the site...But what might be difficult is the language because almost everything is in Chinese. Since youku does not have Live streaming of Aljazeera i turned my computer to TV and watch Live on youtube which i would not mention how am accessing for personal reasons.
I hope the Egyptian wont turn back after all those deadly protests just like the Iranians last year, and i wish them Victory.