Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The dhaanto dilema.

Busy days again, no enough time to update u guys......This week was Hell on earth in shanghai, chinese new year and fireworks from all directions none stop was deafening and explosive but amazing when u look at the sky at night.....walahi sometimes it feels like war zone. anyway its over now and people getting back to normal...
In two weeks the school will open again and will have our exams on the second week after opening so i need to study and finish loads of homework with this two weeks. two class i doubt if i will pass bcoz its very difficult to understand and it has nothing to do with my courses, am assuming now that i already failed those two courses i can atleast concentrate on others.
in less than 60 days my passport will expire and the worst can happen if i dont renew it in the coming which am Hoping i will send to the embassy so they can extend for me though dont know he they will but they confirmed me when i called them few weeks too lazy even things that will have impact on my life, damn u tarahson.
My new computer installed everything and now running, am just happy how things worked bcoz i was worried about the cables that i was missing but thanks to gyula for helping me with everything....i appreciate dude. i will install all the Video and Picture editing programs with in this week and start working on the advertisement project that is still unfinished....kate was asking me about how we edited the the documentary we filmed last semester with collins, she said its great and she wasnt expecting us to be that kinda professional but you know hardwork pays....she dont know he we struggled to finish that project, it was the most difficult short we ever filmed .......hehhehe, and even collins had lost valuable items when were filming at the Train station....imagine all the crowd...anyway am happy how the result came out.

Today i performed dhaanto dance in multi-cultural even hosted by another university, i recruited my friends and taught them the moves and how to dance with the beat.....its awesome and the crowd enjoyed....thanks to you guys who helped make it happen.....imagine we won the third price out of 10 countries and you could see calankii somaliya oo ka lulaya shacabka hortooda....i was so excited and want do more for dalka though its in mess right oo dadkii dhan dagaal iyo gaajo leynayo hadane just wanna prove to the world we still here.

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