Monday, February 14, 2011

Life of A lazy School boy

Am kinda getting lazier than ever, i dont feel like doing anything just sleep all day only to wake up in the evening for Food and browse the net all night long. I havent changed my Bedsheets for three weeks now, the sheets color changed from white to brown and after a week dark brown with loads of Bacteria spreading to its Strongest. My clothes everywhere in the room even on top of my Desktop computer  not to mention the shoes turned upside down beside my books, i dont think am doing enough for myself but what can u do when find yourself in life circle....The same shit everyday. am not worried about my Future Bcoz i belong to God and my destiny will ever remain in His hands so am just trying be better of myself and since my expectations is from above, i got to do what i got do.

Next week, am back again to classes that sometimes i feel idiot sitting alone in a corner while my shineys classmates eat Qashin and fart in the ten meter room....and worse, the freaking cold wind slicing your skin like mdingoes. I dont think if i will finish the Homework on time but will try my best to finish the important ones and you know what, gonna copy the ones give me mentalmopia..
On saturday was Historic day for Egyptian and for the Arab world as people Celebrated after Mubarak stepped down after being Qatil for three Decades, after 18 days of Demonstration of standoff where Hundreds were killed and more thousands wounded  Mubarak resigned....i watched the whole egypt episode and i was wondering what will happen and when will Somalia bring down Al-shabaab Gangs and Clear the Pirates from terrorizing the ocean....Inshallah as we all Hope one day we will walk freedom.
Tomorrow inshallah, am Going somewhere i have no idea what its with a teacher who speaks Arabic. He called Phone yesterday and explained to me something which i guess has something to do with Somali language but am not sure, I think its some sort of Cultural Exhibition. I hope he call me in the After Bcoz it will very Difficult for me to Wake up before midday...

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