Monday, March 07, 2011

New Semester Boooooooos

This New semester is driving me out of my world and am focused on improving Hanzi(Chinese characters)  which is the dark side of my Chinese. Most of the time I hardly hand write Chinese characters bcoz I type it and i get the character without stressing myself…computer made life more easy.
I feel a lot of pressure and am kinda relaxed rather reviewing books or studying for the next week exams. six exams …….thats too much and none of them is in EnglishThe most difficult is the Library directory which is like searching for documents from the Library web using codes to find the exact book out of more than 300,000 files. i don’t know how I will do it, neither my classmates are trying to help so I consider it as FAILED.
As part of my plans for this semester am trying hard to practice adobe premiere, its tooooooooo complicated but the moment you understand and practice a lot, you wont regret it. Its fun and I really enjoy playing with it while am pushing one step forward to my dreams. I wish I started practicing as early as last year or even before that, now almost all my work is on adobe either photoshop  or Premiere. Last week I met TV program producer who really encouraged me after viewing my work and even suggested me on doing it as Hobby rather than studies or classwork. He said, the more you enjoy doing it the better you understand. I agree with him at some point though I would enjoy more if it was in English….sometimes it happens, I don’t understand the Tutorial book or either what the teacher might be explaining but that wont stop me from studying. I like being challenged, it will only make me committed and understand better…I Hope things get better especially my feelings which am not with at the moment, am far away from family, friends and community. Sometimes things go wrong and if you dont have good friends or family to give you the courage you need it really hurts, and its painful. You wont realize how important they are until you are far apart, no one can replace them bcoz they know you more than anyone else you could ever meet or live with……and for me sometimes I feel the pain, at some point it hurts me   

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