Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunch with The Somalis....

Alxamdulilah! i just dont wanna complain anymore, and am thankful to Allah(SW) to errythg he gave me. Monday back to classes and am excited people are coming back to school feeling fresh as ever. Still i havnt done any of the Homework i Mentioned on my last post, its on my mind every midday that i wake up out of my bed but i never do it......I cant concentrate and the other thing is i havent installed my Video editing software on the new computer, i have to wait until my friend who have the crack comes back and help me install that...
Yesterday i went to meet four new Somali guys studying another University in shanghai, two of them just arrived here and wont be staying here for long probably till the end of the semester. I had so much fun with them and they were really funny especially when one of them tried to get back change from Public bus driver. in Shanghai most bus routes you can either use transport card or coins so, no one is operates except the driver who checks whether you paid or not but the Somali dude didnt had two coins instead he inserted the machine ten kuai note and was asking the Bus driver to give him back change which ofcourse they dont. I tried to intervene and explained to the Dude what he should be doing but he was very optimistic on getting Back his the end we reached the destination and dropped off.
After little chat with the guys we went to the Mosque for Friday prayers manshallah it was beautiful atmosphere seeing people from all walks of life praying while others listening to the Imams speech. What i didnt realized my days in shanghai are the large Sudanese community based here, they are alot, students, business and some even Hold permanent residence....I met one of them and he told me he been living in these city for the past 20 yrs and thats actually long period of time compared to the Africans living in the city. After the prayers we went to have lunch together and bought large amount of Bread from halal market infront of the mosque.....The guys are from Mudug (indho waa ina adeeradaa) are they dont seem happy here bcoz of so many things that i myself had huge impact on my life.....when first you arrive here things feel different and for you to interact with the mainstream wont be easy unless you have friends who been here before you and that can easily help you relief some of the stress you have. I gave them advice and told them what they should be doing and what they should avoid, Most of the Chinese are friendly and welcoming and you cannot Judge everyone for what one person does so i told them to make friends with the Chinese students and only that could help them improve their language......when i was language student, I never get tired talking to the Locals and even now i always have chat whenever i have the Time and opportunity...Well i hope they can find ways to interact with the locals.
Damn and am feeling split Headache, Hergab is teasing me walahi and in China doctors dont prescribe medicine for Cold so they tell you to drink alot of water and take have Good rest.  i was sleeping half the day and will be sleeping the same tomorrow, i Hope i will feel better before Monday.

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